Introduction to Solb Steel

Solb Steel is a regional steel production centre strategically located in Jazan Economic City in the south-west of Saudi Arabia, which is an ideal location for a regional center producing steel and related products for the Kingdom, as well as for neighbouring countries and global markets. The factory was built to the highest global standards on a 5Km2 site. This ensures it can produce the best quality products for both domestic and global markets. The extensive annual production capacity of the factory includes 1.2 million MT of Prime Steel Billets of 130x130 mm and 150x150mm sizes at casting speeds of 4.5 m/min and 3.8 m/min respectively. The factorys production capacity also includes 1.2 million MT of construction-quality straight rebars and Wire Rod.

The main production units are:
1. 150 t Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
2. 5-Strand Billet caster of CONCAST AG design.
3. Two 22-stand Rolling Mills of SMS MEER design.

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