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Quality Assusrance

To ensure consistent standards of quality, all our production lines and operations go through a thorough and well-established quality assurance assessment and lab tests that ensure only the best products are sent to our clients.

1- Raw Material Lab
Prior to production, this lab completes a detailed inspection of raw material such as DRI, HBI & Ferroalloys to make sure their quality is up to the required standard and free from toxic or harmful impurities.

2- Melt Plant Spectrolab
After processing the raw material, this lab inspects each heat of liquid steel for its chemical composition and takes action to achieve the chemical specification required by the client.

3- Billet Yard Lab
This lab monitors the physical specification of the produced billets and is responsible for proper segregation of the billets . Any billets not suitable for rolling or not adhering to the clients specification is rejected and repurposed.

4- Rolling Mill Lab
The purpose of this lab is to closely monitor the operations of Rolling Mills 1 & 2 making sure that the finished products are free from deformation or any other mechanical issues.

5- 3rd Party Testing
Solb Steel frequently shares samples with 3rd party test labs to obtain external unbiased reports.

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